Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saying good-bye to a friend

Here is a picture of our Sheltie, Cowboy, in the late winter snow storm we had this year - the last picture I can find of is it we don't take that many pictures of our pets, but tons of our children? Anyway, Cowboy was a "rescue" dog that we got from friends at church...his first family had grown up, and he was wanting to be around children again. Our first Sheltie had died suddenly of causes unknown, either a heart attack or aneurism, leaving a great void in Angel's heart. We really weren't looking for another Sheltie - we thought it might be too painful - but when we went to see the "snug" (part pug, part schnauzer), Cowboy just acted like he already belonged to us (his name then was "Little Boy" - my dh changed it to Cowboy because that just fit him better in his mind) - and we brought him home. He was an older dog to begin with, and lately we noticed he wasn't hearing very well, and he didn't like staying outside very long. He was really my dog, following me around the house or yard, and laying down at my feet. He has spent two good years with us, and then Friday morning he had his accident. Probably a vehicle hit him, he probably didn't hear it and didn't get out of the way, or he was too slow.

After the vet examined him and gave him something to ease his pain, we got to go pet him and love on him...he never made it to surgery, which probably wouldn't have been successful for such a senior dog - so we sort of got to say good-bye...

We will miss you Cowboy! Your pigeon-toed gait, the way your tail revolved when you wagged it, your funny way of leaping in the air saying "ooonph" when you were excited and wanted to play...I never got all those burrs out of your coat! We hope you and Lady are having fun playing together till we get there and can join you!