Friday, November 11, 2016

Finding Holiness in the Holidays

Starting November 13th @ 7 p.m.
Are you seeking to foster rest, relationship, and renewal 
in yourself and in your family's holidays?

To capture the sense of unique, special, set aside moments 
when you all are reflecting on timeless events  
instead of racing through the urgent?

It’s November, and I bet you have started your holiday planning!
Or, you haven’t and you might feel a little panicked on the inside!

But, this season can be your best holiday season yet!  Come on in, sit  a while with me at my kitchen island.
I’ll get the coffee {or tea}, you grab a stool.

How about splash of home made vanilla?

The house is quiet {yes, this is a “MNO” – mom’s night out, child free event!}  Because I really want to know what is in your heart, and sometimes with littles bouncing in and out, it is just hard to allow ourselves the luxury of a little vulnerability.  I take a sip of Lively Colombian, and ask you,

What is your ideal holiday moment?”

Maybe that special evening spent decorating a REAL Christmas tree, with lights and colored paper chains, the fragrance of the forest delicately scenting your home?

Could it be a beautiful home cooked meal, served on china passed through generations, with good coffee brewing and rich desserts lining the kitchen counter, inviting every. last. person. to give up the diet and indulge and languish around the family table?

Is it you, your husband, teens, and littles together with the soft glow of candlelight on their faces, singing “Silent Night” at your church’s Christmas Eve service?

Maybe your dream is more somber, a desperate hope that you can make it through the season because it is the “first” holiday after your life was changed forever?

Perhaps your dream – this year – is that your family will be brave enough to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, and not be pulled into an overwhelming schedule of holiday events?

In unison, we both draw a breath in, then exhale long…
 You and I both know that any one of those “perfect moments” come only as we spend an incredible amount of time and energy planning and preparing plus “perspiration”…

Your family enjoys the fruit of the labor, but we both just got overwhelmed thinking about it!

Well, let’s turn and face this holiday season together!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this year, instead of becoming overwhelmed during the holidays, you finally get the opportunity to develop a new set of rhythms and routines which allow you and your family to be refreshed and reflective?!  Imagine knowing the principles of sacred rest that will carry you into next year!

In “Finding Holiness in the Holidays” you will “tune into” and learn:

♦ about “Rhythms of Rest”,
♦ about God’s illogical methods of multiplying whatever we give Him – YES!  This includes “time”!
♦ about creating an atmosphere of awe and expectation and spaciousness for ourselves and our families.
♦ about intentionally putting “holiness” {set apart time} in the holidays.
♦ planning for your “nos” as well as  our “yeses” to activities and events.

What you get:
♦ guidance from a seasoned counselor and fellow learner {me}
♦ weekly conference calls in which I lead you through the assigned chapters and reflection questions from“Rhythms of Rest”{the calls will be approximately 1 hour long}
♦ call recordings (with lifetime access) that you can refer to anytime – day or night!
♦ training and immediate application of how to hear God’s voice
♦support from like minded people throughout the entire holiday season who will pray you through this    process and beyond
♦ a private facebook group to share questions, ideas, struggles, and hope.
   (This group will remain open as long as you need it with unlimited access to its content}
♦ a safe place to try out, practice and perhaps even fail and to be loved anyway
♦ no distance or schedule limits to your ability to access the group – available whenever it is convenient for you
♦ the opportunity to create an intentional holiday season that will bless your family and save your sanity!
♦ permanent habits of revitalizing rest that you will take into 2017 (yes, this is the best part!)
♦ BONUS 7th week conference call after Christmas weekend to check in and recap your journey in finding holiness through the holidays
♦ and much more!

What you need for the group:
♦ a copy of “Rhythms of Rest – Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World” by Shelley Miller {click hereto go toAmazon}
♦ a Bible
♦ a journal
♦ a quiet place
♦ a heart determined to find what it means to “Sabbath”
♦ an eager expectation of meeting with God!

This class is for anyone who:
  1. ♦ is overwhelmed at the thought of the holidays coming
  2. ♦ who thinks they don’t have time for an online group!
  3. ♦ desires to create beautiful memories by being intentional
  4. ♦ struggles with carving out time for herself
  5. ♦ is ready to change how they move through their holiday season
  6. ♦ wants to find a group of people who will embrace the stumbles
    and failures of the process of “change”
  7. ♦ thinks that self-care is selfish
  8. ♦ knows that realistic change happens in the context of relationships
  9. ♦ wants to build a habit of refreshing herself {as well as others}

If you are ready to let go of perfectionism and are open to finding friendships that will last into eternity, it is time to make the leap and enroll in the “Finding Holiness in the Holidays” group!
All this for less than the price of one group therapy session!  
Sign up now and get ready for a transformational holiday season!
1 EZ payment of  $48
Lifetime access

The classroom is now closed...
However, you can still get access to the recorded conference calls and 
bonus downloadable material for the discounted price of $20.

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