Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010...

Outside my window...the air is heavy with the scent of spring blossoms.

I am thinking...about what it means to be a "Daughter of God".

I am thankful for...all my material comforts.

From the learning rooms...she figured out multiplication before I even taught the lesson!

From the kitchen...chicken teriyaki.

I am wearing...jeans with a white 3/4 sleeve black knit top.

I am creating...more nest themed projects! The ideas of rest, sanctuary, protection, retreat and home are right where my heart is lately.

I am going...to have a quiet evening.

I am reading...Psalm 45 with Isaiah 61:10.

I am hoping...still for that secret prayer request to be granted.

I am hearing...my son's video game being played from his room!

Around the house...confident expectation.

One of my favorite things...lace curtains.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a field trip, more sewing, more cooking, more art!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...the cherry tree in blossom - we didn't know what kind of tree this was till last year! That was the first year since we moved into this house that there was enough rainfal to produce the fruit! Of course, the birds had their cherry treats - we didn't get any : )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Questions for Dads and Kids

Getting ready

A while back, our homeschool group hosted a Daddy/Daughter dance - it was so sweet for our little girl and her Poppa!

I thought I would share one of the activities of the night - conversation prompts (but really, girls don't really need these, mostly the Dads!). Here they are - maybe you can use them in your families...

For children:
What do you like the most about your Dad?
What is the hardest part of being a daughter/son?
What is your Dad's favorite activity?
What is your Dad's favorite saying?
What is the best part of being a daughter/son?

What quality attracted you to Mom?

For Dads:
What is your favorite part of being a Dad?
What is the hardest part of being a Dad?
What is your daughter's/son's favorite dessert?
What makes your daughter/son laugh?
What is your daughter's/son's best character trait?
What makes your daughter beautiful? What makes your son handsome?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am truly excited!!!

Wow - I've sold two pieces from my shop (I really have got to get more paintings done!) AND...........drum roll please...........I am in the finalists for the ClothPaperScissors 2011 Calendar Challenge! (See the entire list here.) And after an afternoon of emailing back and forth...if my piece doesn't work for the challenge, it is in consideration for a feature in the magazine!

I am thrilled because I believe the Lord is confirming this leading into developing my artistic side.

Here is another peek at my submission piece:


Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to make your own Herbes de Provence

I made this tonight to put over asparagus...OMG! So good and my husband LOVED it...

Here is another recipe for the same herb blend...frenchfood.herbesdeprov

How to Make a Herbes de Provence Blend

Herbes de Provence is a classic herbal blend used in French cooking. Yes, you can buy the herbs at the store--but it's so much fun to dry your own! You can even grow the herbs yourself, dry them and then create the blend.

You can try it on meats, poultry, and even in savory egg dishes like quiche and omelets. My favorite uses are on roasted chicken and in mushroom and cheese omelets. It's also a tasty blend in soups, especially vegetable.

Here is how to put together a savory Herbes de Provence blend.
Things You'll Need:
• 1 tbsp. Lavender
• 1 tbsp. Sage
• 1 tbsp. Rosemary
• 1 tbsp. Oregano
• 1 tbsp. Basil
• 1 tbsp. Thyme
• Paper bags or paper towels
• Medium mixing bowl
• Wooden spoon or spatula
• Airtight container
1. Step 1
Start by growing your own herbs. However, in some climates, it may not be possible to grow some of them with success. So it is perfectly acceptable to purchase the dried herbs.
2. Step 2
If you do grow your own, pick the herbs just before they flower. Dry them in paper bags or lay them out on paper towels. When the herbs are dry, remove them from the stems and crush them gently.
3. Step 3
Measure out the herbs and place them in a medium mixing bowl. Stir gently and transfer them to an airtight container. An amber glass jar is best, but you can also use a plastic container.
4. Step 4
The blend is ready to use. Keep it handy and use a pinch here and there when you cook.
Tips & Warnings
• Make sure the dried herbs are of the highest quality and don't contain any mold, dirt or black spots.
• You can change the blend around as you see fit. For example, if you think an herb needs to be in a higher proportion, smaller portion or omitted, feel free to do so!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

March 10, 2010...

Outside my window...the cherry tree is ready to burst into bloom.

I am thinking...about what else to plant in the garden - flower and vegetable.

I am thankful for...the feeling of spring in the air.

From the learning rooms...double schoolwork and she did it like a champ!

From the kitchen...getting my recipes together for Easter...stay tuned : ).

I am wearing...jeans with a white 3/4 sleeve top.

I am creating...space in my office by finishing UFOs - and still working on the mixed media nest!

I am going...to Wednesday night children's service at my friend's church later.

I am reading...a new blog I found "She's Becoming Doughmestic" - looks like some great recipes...

I am hoping...for a secret prayer request to be granted.

I am hearing...the wind whipping past the skylight as I type.

Around the house...there is a feeling of peace.

One of my favorite things...NCIS reruns (not very spiritual, LOL)

A few plans for the rest of the week: dentist appointment; counseling client; run by Jo-Ann's to get a few skeins of embroidery floss for one of those UFOs.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Believe it or not - this advent calendar has been waiting to be quilted for around 20 years! We did use it unquilted - now to put it in the attic with the rest of Christmas...

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