Tuesday, October 17, 2017

16 Things Teens Need to Remember About Their Moms and Dads

I have talked to several moms {and teens as well!} lately...and I just want to encourage any of you - sweet teens as well as parents of the sweet ones -

Teenage "rebellion" isn't a given for the teen years!  That is a "lie" that the world system has created to justify its attempts to influence you away from your parents' sound teaching...

Yes, teens, you need to grow into responsibility and independence and sometimes parents don't 'let go' when they could/should, but try to remember that they are the same people who:
  1. have loved you since you were tiny
  2. guided you through all the bumps and scrapes of the elementary years,
  3. stayed with you when you were afraid at night,
  4. held you and comforted you when you were sick,
  5. answered all the questions about fairies and why that person was being mean today and that big one "what is sex, REALLY?"
  6. drilled spelling words and math facts
  7. worried when you went in a car with another friend's family
  8. prayed for your pet goldfish to come back to life
  9. stayed up till 3 a.m. to finish a costume {or even just last year to put the finishing touches on that perfect dress for your formal}
  10. hates 'butting heads' with you, but loves you enough to be firm with you
  11. prays for you to become the person God created you to be
  12. loves you through each mistake you have made and will make
  13. has loved you every moment of your life and will continue to love you into eternity...
  14. is fiercely protective over you every moment of every day...
  15. in the middle of their own flaws, desperately do their best to give you the character, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed
  16. would give their lives for you a thousand times over.

Teens, the world system WILL NOT give you this kind of love and relationship, and when your parents resist 'the world's' lies that pull on your soul and spirit, it is because they have seen that side of the world, and know it will hurt you and destroy you - if not soon, eventually...

Know I am praying for you, moms, and you, teens, for the fullness of God's hope, love and life to be poured out upon you tonight!