Saturday, June 27, 2009

I wish I was painting...

Just a little update - very little painting has been done lately, the electric outage caused some delays as I had to do "catch-up" housework and counseling as soon as the electricity was back on...then our oldest son got out of rehab (and all the ups and downs of that) - a great time of inner healing prayer with a client (maybe I will journal more about that later) and then....SURGERY! Necessary, but I WISH I WAS PAINTING! Perhaps next week, when I am not on so many pain meds...this was a scheduled surgery, an abdominal approach hysterectomy and repair of lower areas. My husband and family are doing a great job of taking care of almost feels like being pampered...almost! I seem to be capable of only watching TV, and now I have been able to check my emails and update this blog. **Yawn** bye for now!