Friday, September 14, 2012

Sneak Peek Friday - Creativity?


The Lord gave me this word one day for those who would come across the website...

Such a full week - and if our creative natures - instilled by the Creator Himself - touches each aspect of our lives, then this week has seen much creativity!  Tho' none has been 

pencil to paper
paint onto canvas
thread in and out of fabric...

and I long for that sort of creative endeavor soon!

but this week I did create:

language worksheets
bread pudding (twice!)
quiet spaces in my heart
and in the heart of another

new techniques in photoshop (to the left)...

learning to take better photos - still with my little shoot and go camera!

and if html code is art, then I did a lot (!) as I was able to integrate my blogger blog into my website! 
(Notice the new heading and navbar?)
I am still getting my blogger links into the new navbar...

And I invite you to come visit on Wednesday, when I reveal what God has been teaching me about counting, and you can see how these images will be altered and how they fit with that theme (and new images will be there as well...)

The whitest place for photo shoots!

sneak peek