Friday, May 3, 2013

Sparrow and Feathers Watercolors and words...

2013 is my year to dabble with are some "playtimes" - using my favorite little birds and working on feathers...
Sweet Sparrow - Watercolors on coffee splattered paper.
Checking how they look together...

blue feather + Psalm 91:4 card

Frame size is 5 x 7 inches

This feather is painted on coffee painted and splattered paper

The edges are torn and it is in the same style 5 x 7 inch frame
I'm still playing with "do I want to try realistic" vs. feathers with a doodled quality...for the feathers I have been enjoying letting the colors flow together and mix, creating their own effect...I am happy with how the little sparrow turned out...I am ready to go and paint different poses for this little fellow.  Watercolor nests sound good to, don't you think?  And there are so many good scriptures to include!  They'll be in the etsy shop later today!