Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Real - Food Thanksgiving (recipes from around the web)

I am putting the finishing touches on my Thanksgiving shopping list and getting ready to head out the door - so this post may be a little late in your planning schedule, but just in it is!

In my own personal journey of making better, healthier choices for myself and my family this year, I have been "devouring" (pun intended) several particular blogs that focus on gluten-free or real food preparation and is really the way I grew up eating in rural Iowa.  It was effortless was what we grew on the farm ourselves!

So, my menu this year isn't 100% real food, gluten-free...but I thought I would post some things that seemed mouth watering from my favorite blogs.  You might want to start following them, too, as the owners "keep it simple" and provide lots of help in making the changes your family will love!

Maybe by next year I'll be adding my own "tried and true" menu, but for now enjoy the hard work these women have already done!

 Rustic Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes - from #realfoodholiday

An entire menu WITH recipes!

Another entire menu for a FRUGAL and real-food Thanksgiving + a
stress-free cooking timeline...
Frugal Real Food Thanksgiving Menu {}

My Simple, European Style, Everyday Bread Recipe