Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Watercolor Alphabet...

My alphabet from class (I cleaned it up a little in Photoshop.)

 I can't remember where I first came across WatercolorDevo's (Amarilys Henderson's) beautiful watercolors, I fell in love immediately.  Her work looks almost effortless, but if you have ventured into this medium, you know those beautiful and delicate images are more challenging than anticipated.  THAT is the very reason I jumped in to her Skillshare class on making watercolor alphabets...easy to follow, and having done one, quite addictive!

She teaches how to find a good alphabet font to copy, and encourages us to use analogous colors to achieve dynamic blends.  I chose this yellow, orange, and opera rose combination because those fiery colors match the heat scorching North Texas at the I need to learn how to do sunflowers!

Using my class project for new art

Summer vacation is almost over for us!  One more week before our Classical Conversations Challenge program starts!

Till later, Beloved,