Thursday, October 15, 2015

A King is Coming!

The following was sent in the monthly newsletter from Paul Wilbur ministries.

It is so good!  Encouraging!  I had to share!

"So what about the blood moon tetrad, the schmitah, the solar eclipse, the Jubilee, all happening in the month of September this year? The massive U.S. Military movements, the Iran deal, the Supreme Court decision on marriage, gay rights, abortion limits removed, Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East, policemen murdered in their cars and on the streets, wars and rumors of war, earthquakes, fire...what are we to think? Is this all a sign of coming judgement, do we build bunkers and store up food and water expecting the worse? I have a simple answer for you...


"This has become my battle cry and the unseen reason for so much of the unusual events that are taking place, and will continue until the day we hear the Angel of the Lord and the shofar of Heaven sound. 

Be prayerful, 
watch and pray, 
look up, 
do what you are told (by the King), 
keep your lamp full of fresh oil, 
trim the wick, 
let your light shine, 
be salty, 
be instant in and out of season, 
stay in the Word of God, 
remain in Him...

Yeshua warned that a time would come when the love of MOST would grow cold (Matt.24). These things must all take place, and then the end will come. Remember, He chose you, you didn't choose Him.  

And He chose you for such a time as this, 
which says to me He knew you could handle it, 
and you would remain faithful to the end. 

So let's honor our Father and finish strong, finish well, be somebody's hero, and receive the reward that is laid up for you."

words by Paul Wilbur, emphasis mine

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