Monday, January 11, 2016

5 Tips to Find a "Prayer Sanctuary" in the Home You Have

  The first thing we need when we have decided to commit to listening and praying to the Lord is to find that special place that will invite us in, to beckon us to pause, to seek, to listen...

As you use this space, meeting with the Lord there, 
it becomes a haven
a sacred spot where you of calm retreat 
because the anointing of the Lord is tangibly felt there; 
a sanctuary of peace and rest for your heart... 

and ultimately this sanctuary will become the structure 
WITHIN your heart in which the Holy Presence of God resides...

Let's begin today by finding that special spot in your home that will be your "sanctuary" with the Lord.

I know your heart is already questioning:
"What should this space be?"  
"Where should it be?"

1. Begin by simply, slowly and intentionally, walking through your home.  

2. Focus your inner being to already "tune in" to the leading of the Spirit.

3. Ask the Lord to show you where He would like to meet with you.

Is there any place that is drawing you?

It may be a place you are already using.

Or it may be a space you would never thought of before.
4. When you have found the spot, consider: I need to rearrange it?
...add some things to it? can I make it special? 

Make it attractive and appealing, someplace you look forward to enjoying.  This doesn't need to take any money.  Move things that you like or even cherish into the spot.  Make a little "still life" arrangement.

5. Ask yourself what you might need, physically speaking, in order to set time aside to "rest in Him".  (A timer?)  A fine teacup that you reserve for special occasions?  A soft throw to signal you mind "this is a restful space".

When you have this space set up and set aside...
                  celebrate a job well done!


Pea bea said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My space is in what I've converted to my sewing/craft/computer room. Each morning is started as I read through the Bible with a group I've been following since mid 2014. So glad I happened on your site again. Will be back. :)