Thursday, June 16, 2016

"I know it is hard sometimes to know where to start..."

Need a place to start doing your art?  Or just need to get unstuck from something that seems to have blocked your freedom in Christ?

Just start, just do it, let it flow...a quick free writing exercise to get the blocks out on paper is sometimes all you need!  Free writing is done by just jotting down the words/thoughts at the fore front of your mind with no regard as to capitalization, punctuation, or grammar rules (or spelling!)...set a timer for 3-5 minutes, and then be finished. 

I am sharing my spontaneous, free writing  journaling this morning as I was adding to "scrap" paper to make story cards (a UFO from a spring class I was in!):

"I know it is hard sometimes to know where to start with your art ~ color, lines, images, value, shape, inner dreams, like "I want this to be beautiful, a masterpiece. But I must practice for that to happen - where do I start?"

I tell you - just start...there is no wasted time when it comes to putting pen or pencil to paper (or paintbrush!). Even now, the inner critic says I ruined my paper by writing over the top of color and shapes ~ silly inner critic...doesn't she know there are no mistakes in art?"