Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Covenant - the ancient steps

Here is another image by Gwen Meharg - a friend and inspiring artist.

I chose this image to illustrate a new study series I am posting about covenants as they were understood in Biblical times. Understanding the process of covenant deeply enriched my Christian walk, and helped me dig out even richer truth from well loved scriptures!

For today, I am giving you a simple list of the steps of covenant, and in the days that follow, I will explain in more detail each of these steps...

7 Steps of a Blood Covenant:

1. Counting the cost (you can decide not to go through with the covenant at this step. If you progress to step two, the covenant is initiated and considered binding to both parties.)
2. The Exchange of outer garments
3. The exchange of belts
(the belt is a symbol of strength. It was used to hold weapons.)
4. The exchange of weapons
5. The walk of death: Berith (walking in a figure eight between the pieces of a sacrificed animal)
6. Covenant mark
7. Covenant meal

Intrigued? I'll be the Holy Spirit is already whispering the details to your heart!