Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Wonderfully Successful Birthday Party! (Part 1)

Angel was 9 on Wednesday - so this past Sunday afternoon we had her birthday party. We were brave, and hosted it at our house rather than Chuck E. Cheese's, a Jumping Party place, or some other venue...(we thought we would save money - HA!) But it was worth it for three DADs to say "This is the BEST kid's party ever!

We loosely based it on "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" - thus necessitating lab coats and science/invention type activities! Lab coats was Angel's idea, and it was up to me to achieve it - thank God for Thrift Town! And God sent me on the day that there men's shirts were on sale for half price! Yay! - lab coats were button down white men's dress shirts with the cuffs cut off the sleeves (and re-sewn to be the approximate appropriate length for tweeners) with an Angel-designed beaker and gooey lime green fluid emblem sewn above the pocket. Oh, and don't forget the name badge pinned over the heart!

Activities included the infamous Iowa State University "egg drop"...

The incredibly famous "Mentos in the diet cola 2-liter bottle" reaction...


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