Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Christmas Message - from God's heart to yours...

Emmanuel.  God with us.  Always. 
You are never alone, for He is here...

Jesus was born -
with everything He needed to live a holy life, to defeat Satan, to bring salvation, to bring healing

        - to His people.

A precious newborn boy contained all the power needed to change the world.
A tiny baby was the greatest threat to the enemy's plan that the world would ever see...

So - remember...
No matter what you are feeling today -
No matter where you are today -
No matter how long you have been a Christ follower -
                                                          - a day
                                                          - a minute
                                                          - a year
                                                          - a lifetime

You are more than a conqueror; Who is in you is greater than who is in the world.  You have all you need - to do what you must do and to be what you must be...

the power present in Jesus at His birth is also in you, at work to fulfill His purpose for you.

Take heart.
Breathe Him in.
Be at peace.