Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Ice Blossoms"

Playing around with some images I took last year (just a couple of months ago!) when sleet was forecast for our area in Texas.  As I hurried home, I was surprised by the breathtaking scenes of water droplets that had frozen on the tips of the branches of our trees!  It truly looked like they were all bejeweled!  In the one above, the branch looked like a kanji symbol to me, so I went that direction with the words.  I simply used a gaussein blur in the background and masked the branch so it wasn't blurred.  Below are some more of the photos - "raw".  I think I will further explore what I might be able to create with them, but for today I am simply sharing for your enjoyment...

The temperature was such that the rain was freezing on the branches but melting on the ground... incredible result!