Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sojourning #2 ...enjoyment...

A rare pink bluebonnet from our yard last spring...textures with Kim's 0703 at color burn blend mode and reduced to 25% opacity.  The type font is called "Petra"

I am a sojourner here on this earth (Philippians 3:20).

And it is amazing to me that, even though I am no longer "of this world" but still in it, the things in it were made for my enjoyment...

What a loving God, that before I became a citizen of His world, He created the beauty in this one for me to enjoy, and perhaps to wonder about just how much more incredible my permanent home will be...

And if He created all this beauty for me to enjoy, how it must please Him when I do take. time. to. stop. and. enjoy. it...

no frantic trying to please Him, to work at gaining what I already have (His love),
no worrying that He might withdraw it from me,
no missing the delicate intricacies of living life here because I am constantly preparing for the move "home"...

This must be why He told the Children of Israel to plant gardens and settle down, "make themselves at home", when they went into captivity in Babylon...even tho' they were no longer in their homeland, they were still in the hands of God - and could still have joy in their lives...

And here, back here in this century, this year, this moment of time - I am free in this land that is not my final home...and I can love:

warm days and cool nights
frogs singing across the field every evening
morning songbirds
wind in the oak's strong branches
the scolding chatter of the squirrel who lives above the garage
the anticipation of this year's wild flowers
a cat's purr
the smell of spring
the comfort of a worn quilt on the porch swing when it is just a tad too cool 

the way of a family
how we love one another...