Tuesday, October 7, 2014

After You Press the “RESET Button” - What Happens Next…

Hello everyone!

Last week I made a video about being in “The Days of Awe” and how to take advantage of these days, (which are part of the New Year in the Jewish Calendar) to reset our own dreams, goals and vision. 
(You can watch it here - or click the photo to go to youtube...be gentle, this is my first ever video) 

In that video I promised I would share my own journaling – and here it is!

A little background:

I have been hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit in my heart, encouraging me to “get serious” about my online presence for a some time now.  The teenager is getting more independent, her schooling day changing and allows for me more time to focus on other things.  One season is transitioning into the next!  The Holy Spirit brought one of Sandi Krakowski’s classes to my inbox – and her business sense has come at the perfect time. 

So, what did my “reset” reveal?
(Not necessarily in order of priority!)
Over the spring and summer months, I have seemed to be saying the same things, over and over,  to my clients, and I was getting the idea that I might need to make a teaching available for them, one that could be easily accessed for the online world.  After all, if I am saying the same thing to so many people in my “in person” life, how many more outside of my neighborhood may need the same message?   I believe the Lord wants me to share this – so I will begin working towards an “in a box” class for this issue.  Join me in praying for a name?

When I was full time in counseling, I longed for the churches I was affiliated with to have Bible Studies and groups that I could send my clients into to get the in-depth, targeted spiritual help they needed AT THAT VERY MOMENT, so that we could spend our counseling session more on the issues than simple life and communication skills.  I had even developed an entire 2 year program (at 1 class per week) that would take a potential client through the basics – my goal was to start training people to run the classes/Bible Studies/Groups myself.  That goal got put “on a shelf” (homeschooling makes it really challenging to be available in a professional way for hurting people!)  I am going to resurrect this two year program and put it into an online format.  Excited?  Interested?  What would you want to have in such a program?  Let me know!
My journal - Twinkle H20 play -

I have two books cooking in my heart!  This is really scary/vulnerable to step out and say this publicly.  That inner critic that says "who are you to be so presumptuous to think you should write a book that anyone would want to read" guffaws around in my brain at times.  But yet I KNOW I am not a presumptuous sort of person; and if God has placed these things in my heart, then it will please Him to use my gifts.  Time to write!

I need to devote 15 to 25 hours a week on business – a lot of this time online and writing articles.  Art needs to be done as well, but not during this focused time.
Don’t neglect the Essential Oils business (He just confirmed this again this afternoon!)  I believe the Lord really wants people to be physically healthy, and using therapeutic grade essential oils is a simple and powerful way to help our bodies natural ability to fight disease, viruses and bacteria, and environmental toxins.
 Create one Christian themed healing art directive a week.  I have some things on the website already, and this goal will insure there is a strong body of online knowledge for His children who need to heal emotionally and spirituall.  Looking forward to this!  Let me know what you want to address first!)
He audibly said “Don’t change the name.” Ok, that is a topic in the class, but I didn’t know it when He said this!
With a little more embellishment

I keep hearing, in my spirit, “Arise!”  Arise, Jerusalem!  Arise, sleeping bride!  May God arise!  Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me…!  Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you!  Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, break out in song!  When I hear things like this in my heart, I tend to take it for intercession for the church at large, intercession for others.  But He whispered this, “YOU are part of my church; speak this over YOU!” Oh my, what those words did to me!  What receiving those words are doing in my heart!

And look at this!  Eight points to my “reset” time…the number of “new beginnings” – I think He is having fun with this!

I have another step – one that will be our artistic prompt to carry us through the next Feast days of Succot, The Feast of Tabernacles.  I’ll be back with that on Thursday!  In reality, this is the first Healing Art Directive.