Saturday, November 28, 2015

Finding Light and Grace in Advent {and the coming year}

Looking for a great way to move into the Christmas season?  

Consider the following:
{found in a facebook group I am in: Contemplative Writers, and shared by Ed Cyzewski}

"This Thanksgiving weekend marks the end of the current Church year. Advent begins tomorrow and we begin a new journey of faith. Thus today is a “hinge day” — a time for gratitude to God for the grace and blessings of the past year, as well as the opportunity to walk forward with the Lord into Advent, as once again we prepare our hearts and homes for the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

Questions to consider:
Ignatius Loyola regularly invites us to take note of the movements of God’s grace in our daily livings. Today, as this year of grace comes to an end:  
What is happening within my heart? 
What adventures and opportunities of this past year am I really grateful for? 
What individuals and situations have strengthened me, challenged me, stretched me? 
What person and situation has had a particular impact this past year? 
Can I trace God’s presence throughout these past months of grace and opportunity…even if some days or weeks were particularly tough and challenging?

Take some moments today to express your thanks, to compliment a friend, to ask forgiveness, to share your talent and time with someone in need."