Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hope Lights the Way in the Darkness...Advent 2015 #1

The first Sunday in Advent we light the Hope candle - 

When circumstances are the hardest, when life events are the darkest, 
that is when we need hope the most...

Does the light usher in hope...
Or does hope pave the way for light?

 We all need hope:

Hope that our mess isn't the end of us
Hope that "this too will pass"...(whatever "this" is)
Hope that our broken hearts will heal
Hope that this dark night of the soul will be over soon 
Hope that the prodigal will come home soon
Hope that what we are believing for will come to pass before we die
Hope that our children will come to know the Lord
Hope that our attempts at imparting God's goodness, reflecting His Glory is enough
Hope that secret fears will prove unfounded

and we hope against hope...

Hope is our assurance that God will finish all He has started.
Hope is our confidence that He will do all He has promised.
All the promises of God are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
He is our hope, today and forever! (2 Corinthians 1:20)


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