Sunday, September 6, 2009

PROCRASTINATION!!! Or, the Pre-K Scrapbook is DONE!

Finally! I have the pictures, artwork, and those special worksheets I saved from my daughter's Pre-K year placed in a "scrapbook" - not just any scrapbook mind you, but a big 11 x 17 inch legal binder...special to hold those big sheets of construction paper art projects that the teachers of younger children are so fond of using!

You would think that it was elaborate, creative, beautiful...but it's not...functional - a place to have it all contained neat and organized and in some sort of chronological order...

Did I mention that all that STUFF lived under the desk in my home office/art studio? In a low, yet long and wide cardboard box? Kindergarten and VBS crafts for those two years still live in that box - still under my desk! My toes always bump the side of the box! The good news is - Pre-k is finished. The stack of folders that leaned up against the side of the desk (between the box and the desk drawer) can now fit inside the box - yep - that is how I kept Kindergarten and Pre-K separate...

Now - you will just be amazed by this - do you know how old my daughter is? Go ahead, guess....whew, well, OK, she isn't a teenager YET! But she is 8!!!! I have had Pre-K under this desk for FOUR WHOLE YEARS!!!! And it took me about 3 hours to organize it in the scrapbook...what do you think that says about me??????


But since it is a holiday weekend, I may get Kindergarten done too!!!! Just need to find some more adhesive!!!

HeARTfilled blessings,