Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Pierre!

Meet Pierre - our new kitten! His "birth owners" say he flame-tipped Siamese and though you cannot tell, his eyes are a beautiful pale blue. He is plumb tuckered in this picture!!! He wriggled a little when the flash occurred, but was just too exhausted to chase the source...we actually brought him home the day after Cowboy died...Pierre wasn't a replacement; he was scheduled so that Angel could spend all of Saturday with him, helping him get accustomed to our place. I just hadn't shared yet because it seemed disrespectful to Cowboy's memory! Must be my old age playing games with my head! Anyway, Pierre is totally Angel's responsibility - she is learning how much money and time it really takes for just one pet - and how much advertisers appeal to our emotions - and how to sort through all those little impulse grabbers and end up at what is truly necessary...all these important lessons wrapped up in 20 sharp claws and a super motor! He already is quite the character - charming and deadly!