Monday, August 22, 2011

1000 gifts and then some...

Photo from this source - 80 top photos of rain - go check it out, the artistry will be a treat
Continuing the count - at least the written count (#215- #223)
and remembering gifts given throughout time:

2 1/2 inches of rain
about 12 days ago - so refreshing!

the return of night insects singing their symphonies
even they quit singing by the end of July!

frogs croaking their songs
as they were enticed from their early muddy hibernation -
and once again silent as the heat wave continues... 

school starting 

getting back to a schedule

tweener starting her tweener youth group

her desire to help and serve now that she has "graduated" 
from being Kidzoned!

still getting in a little afternoon siesta time!

the heat -
I am sure there is something positive about the heat?-
even weeds are dying
the undergrowth of our across the street neighbors forest has died down enough
that we can actually see them! (The neighbors that is!)
Linking up with Ann and others lifting up the song of thanksgiving....