Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6 word Memoirs - Texture Tuesday

Tuesday's are the day I try to share my Photoshop learnings with Texture Tuesdays. I am also participating in "Beyond Layers" - a year-long, simple guiding course offered by Kim Klaussen as well...

kk - simplicity texture - normal; 100%
Color fill - white; soft light; 100%
My image - layer masked
Text layer - papyrus

The challenge, fun exploration this week in "Beyond Layers" is to write your six word memoir as featured in Smith Magazine....

Here are a few I have come up with:

she learned the lesson of creativity
learning to live with clear vision
walking away from perfection, she grew
alive. beloved. chosen. delighted. embraced. flourished.

Some favorites from others...

less is more...simplify my life.
trying to simplify...it's complicated
Grace came; I am changed forever
planted, wilted, rooted, established, nurtured, strengthened 

Another of mine
my image - background edited with blur filter
black & white adjustment layer set at 80 % opacity to allow some color + layer mask to allow more color in foreground flower 
Text - vtremingtion in a shade picked from the flowers
Joining with Texture Tuesday