Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals Lists Review - Find You...

The web is full of New Years goals ideas AND I subscribe to several sites, and of course,  goal setting is on everyone's minds! 

Here are several places if you would like guidance in your review of 2011 and preparation for 2012:

5 steps to Making New Year's Resolutions... at A Holy Experience

Goals for accessing your homeschooling adventure at the midway Simple Homeschool

20 Questions for reflecting on your

Give Yourself a New Year's Planning Keeper of the Home

All containing wonderful "how-tos" and ideas and questions to help one focus...even tho' somewhat overwhelming...

Here is a simplified list...

What are you most proud of

What excited you this year?

What joyful things happened?

How did you stretch yourself?

How did you step out of your comfort zone?

What have you learned?

Did you take any “falls” that you learned from?

What did you enjoy doing that you want to do more of in the coming year?

What do you need to stop doing, to let go of?

But the ONE goal,
focus -
that has already been leading and guiding my preparations for 2012 is the....

Direct leading of the Lord!

Every year since 1986 (the year I fully surrendered my life to Him - tho' I was already a Christian) He has shared with me the area He wanted to work in for the coming year - as soon as I find my list that I have  kept I will share it with you!  I usually start to "hear" the lesson sometime in December, with the leading confirmed by the end of January...

It seems similar to the "My One Word" movement that I see around the internet, but it is so much better since it is directed by the One who knows my heart and soul best of all...

This year...was different.  I knew my next year's leading by August!  Yes, August!  And it hasn't changed, only gotten stronger...2012 is built from the 2011 leading - "Celebrate" - as well as linked to all before, but it was as if He couldn't wait to move me into the next fact, this might be the LAST one, as it could define the rest of our journey together...(yes, it really could!)...

The word/leading/life defining lesson of 2012 and beyond is..........


And the words, lessons, phrases, conversation drifting through my spirit and soul don't necessarily fit in with any of the guided questions and exercises I included above...they seem to be unstructured, unbound, unable to be totally experienced in one mere year, or even lifetime...the only limit being what we (the Lord and I) discover while my hand is grasped in His...

This is the one thing I do...
walking with God - 
always imperfectly - 
often failing - 
sometimes successfully - 
always trying tho'

and I will share...