Friday, January 25, 2013

Sneak Peek at a special day that happened this week...


I was so privileged to be the featured artist for Artsy Shark, an artist's business site, this week...I just had to share it with my friends here on the web!  Here is how the article started, and you can click on over if you want to read the entire piece and see which images Carolyn Edlund (the founder of Artsy Shark website and Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute) found most appealing...

Featured Artist Cindy Fort

Enjoy the charming portfolio of Christian artist Cindy Fort, who shares her inspiration to help heal others. See more of her work by visiting her website.

A Cord of Three

I grew up being creative and having that creativity encouraged.  I even won awards in art.  But I laid creativity aside for sciences and math – the college prep track, of course.  I eventually finished a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and received an MA in counseling with a Biblical emphasis.  It was here, in the midst of helping clients recover their lives using therapeutic art, where I reconnected with my own artistic side.  I believe creativity is a gift we all share from our Creator; a result of being formed in His Image. In expressing ourselves creatively, we are inspired and inspire others!

Read more by clicking here - you will be going to the Artsy Shark website...

AND.....COME BY NEXT FRIDAY WHEN I WILL BE OPENING A SPECIAL GIVEAWAY OF A WONDERFUL DIGITAL PHOTO EDITING AND PROCESSING SOFTWARE PACKAGE (winner will be announced on Valentine's Day...and the winner will be making love gifts all year long!)

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