Tuesday, October 1, 2013

She could still hear the echoes...

Processed with Kim Klassen's 1402 and 1402 majic + a bokeh overlay from Media Militia and music brushes by Easy Elements.  The font is VTPortableRemington
Still playing around with violin shots...and techniques.  In this image I was trying for a sort of dreamy effect...now that I am looking at it and writing, I am thinking of one more thing I could do to make it more "dreamy" - but for now I am posting!  Any suggestions in the meantime?

Here is what is inspiring me:
In my mind, I see a woman looking at this old violin, thinking of the "Touch of the Master's Hand" and remembering back to the days of being used mightily by Him over the course of her life...and now, even tho' the world, even the Christian culture, has set her aside as "too old", her heart is as young as ever (see Joshua 14:7-12), there is fire in her bones, and she longs to be grasped in the Master's hand again, His bow ready to touch the strings...

Can you see it?  Let the passion to be used by Him flame on!