Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World

I was introduced to "The Sabbath Society" and Shelley Miller several years ago by a simple Google search.  The Lord had been drawing my heart into the contemplative life; and I myself desired to radiate peace instead of the constant harried feeling that was my constant companion.  I knew God had instituted Sabbath as the final crown to His creative passion, and so the word was my search.

From the beginning, Shelley's words brought grace, peace, and a time of satisfied fullness of spirit.

But it wasn't till I became a member of the launch team that I really applied fully the lessons Shelley was teaching us - and I can say I have learned much and God is bigger in my heart and more reflected in my life than before I put Sabbath into practice!

So it is an honor to be part of the launch team for the book that was birthed out of her own journey to discover Sabbath, and that she shared with those following her and now has been released for the rest of you!

If you have thought Sabbath was: 

an Old Testament construct only, 

a legal requirement to the Jewish people,

a nice idea that would never happen for you,

something that only happens on Sunday,

something that only happens on Saturday,

just one more thing laced with rules and restrictions,

another Biblical concept you could fail at,

a reason to avoid learning about rest...

Then get ready to learn what Sabbath really is...

A reminder to pause and let our hearts be focused on what is important...

A release from perfectionism by focusing on the only One who IS perfect...

A reminder that we belong because we are already accepted...

A pause for prayerful listening, even for a few minutes, 
that brings everything that is important back into focus...

An interchange with our Creator—it’s a choice
an elective He hopes you’ll pick first from the list that is keeping you busy...

and so much more!  Consider getting a paperback copy to sit with, mark up, devour and digest.  It promises to be a very close friend to your Bible for your quiet tiimes!

Page by page, chapter by chapter, you will be invited to savor the very best portion of your life with God and His rich desire to relate to you personally.  There is no condemnation, nothing to conform to - just a reissuing of God's invitation to come to Him and find rest for your souls...

Rhythms of Rest is available NOW - you will put it on your book shelf right beside your Bible and "1000 Gifts" - I highly recommend it...http://amzn.to/2dFBtLV