Sunday, May 3, 2009

Art and Life

It has taken me some time to decide how I wanted to organize my "blog world". Questions about what to post, how to be relevant and yet true to myself, should I keep it study oriented (I REALLY LOVE the study of the Bible), and even the question of "do I want to blog?" have meandered through my mind as I have dug deep into my creative side this year! Somehow, this week, it finally "clicked" on how to do it - before I was compartmentalizing each aspect of my life - now, somehow, I have integrated my life and my artsy side...thus the title!

I really enjoyed my online faces class that I took with Paulette Insall! Tonight I finished the first canvas of a little series I am doing on the fruits of the Spirit...if I can ever get my computer to upload the sketch, you can see that first, then after the painting dries I'll show that to you, too!!

Hey, I did it! The sketch got a little wet somehow - so there is some smeary shading on the chin...but no big deal...see you tomorrow!