Thursday, December 8, 2011

Autumn lingering

Finally, pouring cold rain after the long hot draught - and the colors so rich, having remained day after day, unusual for a Texas fall, (which is normally perhaps 1 week long).  I raced out during a break in the sheeting rain, the sky still sprinkling, because I feared the color would be gone after the sure freeze of the night...

A canopy of reds and greens - autumn nodding its head towards Christmas?
Autumn's arms beckoned, loaded with color...
unwilling to release her treasures,
a rich surprise after the ravages of the scorching summer...

Entering the circle drive - plus photoshopped with "Fresco" the painting type look!
Nature had clung to life - had her fingers forgotten how to let go?
No! She was pausing, asking the Creator...
"May I stay here just a bit longer? 
I don't want to rush towards the time to come...
Let me linger here,
with You,

The other side of the driveway - the county road is below
Just this - her wish -
whispered in my spirit...

and I wanted to...

beyond the fairy garden
"Stop" - Be present in this moment

Right outside the front door
"Look" - Be aware. See what is right around you

Over the ridge and down the street
"Listen" - What do you hear?  Sounds without - thoughts within?

Beyond the garden - deer rest just below that hill, and come up to snack on my garden if I am not careful to put the "liquid fence" around it periodically!


Linger long with the Lord...

Not holly, but the oaks are trying their best!

 No matter what the season...