Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trip to Amarillo

We recently went to Amarillo to visit our son who lives there...

For some reason, there were so many interesting sights to see on the way home...
I started a list just so I could remember!  

Some funny:   
The Clarendon Outpost - we stopped there for gas, 
but it also had a full grill + 50s diner, 
(YES there WERE Tiaras - be looking for those lady truck drivers wearing one!) ,
fabric you could buy "by the yard"
(for those ladies quilting on the road),
wheelchairs (that one I just don't know about...),
and good flavored coffee to buy "by the cup";
and finally - probably most importantly - 
hand-dipped Blue Bell ice cream!
some I wanted to remember for art projects:
Live well...laugh horses
Cowboy morning trailing company

some firsts:
a motocross track out in an open field with bikes leaping the mounds -
I could imagine the dads out there building the course for their kids...maybe even themselves!

I saw my first cotton field with cotton bursting forth from the ripe pods...
cotton bales
stubble in fields already picked
walking irrigation units...

some corny:
Happy Pumpkin Ponderosa

 some inspirational...
a pasture full of shorn sheep

Water into Wine collection - 
that one just makes me want to go back just to see what it is about!