Monday, February 27, 2012

10 things about me..

An online friend has sweetly challenged me to share 10 things about myself + a fun photo (oops, got carried away with photos!  And I really didn't do any layering! See number 8 below!) to go with the list...let's see...
The view out one of the windows in my favorite room

1.  My word for this year is "contemplate" - I love the stillness, the quietness, the meditative quality that this word evokes; I naturally enjoy solitude, so I'm looking forward to building more of this into my life this year ☺.  My most favorite room in the house speaks this quiet peace into my heart as well...

Another view in my favorite room
2.  I am an "ISTJ" on the Meyers/Briggs personality scale.  So is my husband - we are so alike!  This score somewhat explains why number 1 is so true of me!

3.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, we were teens when we wed (!) and we have been married for 35 years this year!  I can confidently say that it is a wonderful feeling to be known so thoroughly, to be loved unconditionally, to be honed and nurtured and grown in this relationship - our souls are knitted together and continue to be as we each grow and mature as individuals.

Teen bride and groom {smiles}

4. We have a son (the youngest) who is a computer geek; really a technology geek.  Whenever he upgrades to the latest techie marvel - especially in the realm of computers, we - his parents - "inherit" his discards!  And his discards are awesome!  He is the one who GAVE me photoshop CS5 and initiated my quest to figure it out, which led me to Kim Klassen's online classes!

5. My favorite flavor of ice cream is French Vanilla - with a little chocolate syrup on top.

6. We have another son (the oldest) who is still trying to figure out how to live life.  Right now, he is in prison - "sigh" - he is very creative (takes after me in that regard), and is trying to use his undivided, focused time incarcerated to develop his skills.

7.  I write often about our "sweet tweener", our granddaughter, who in all respects is very much our daughter.  She belongs to that son in prison, thus why we have this blessing; she is my life and you would never know she is my granddaughter until she calls me "Grandma", her "special" name for me!
sorry about the red eyes - not taking time to fix them this morning!

8.  Administration is one of my spiritual gifts, but I am struggling with managing my time as of later.....hmmmm, wonder what that is about!?!

9.  This year I am focusing on building an online business blending my counseling background with my art...healing art...this has been a growing desire over the last 12 months in reality.  I am still exploring what that is supposed to look like. I just launched my first online "healing art" class!  You can find it here, it is called "Finding Sanctuary". 

10.  I am having lots of fun learning how to use Photoshop and its power in helping make art from photos!  I wish there were twice as many hours in the day to do everything in my mind!