Friday, February 10, 2012

Establish the Work of His Hands...

My dh's work gloves - on the window sill where he lays them when he comes into the house...
I have been inspired by my friend, Jodene of "Opened Door" Studio for a long time, ever since she made this art piece (click on the link).

This week's challenge for Beyond Layers...using the texture "revolution" and Kim's custom gradient "map".  In my photo, the gradient layer gave a nice color correction to the overall is my layers panel - the texture layers are at 100%:

This is one photo of several I took of my dh's work garments to do a "story-board" love gift for him for Valentine's Day - can't wait to get to work on it more!

Kim also shared how she takes some of her shots, how she sets them up!  I was so delighted to see that she used "foam core" board, as I started to use a "science project" white tri-fold board placed behind my images a couple of weeks ago...anything to get better quality from my point and shoot!  And it has worked better - the project board also has an advantage as it blocks out all the busy messiness of our day to day life...BIG plus there!  So, here is an unedited image taken in natural light (with no flash) with the science board backdrop:

See the background behind the board?  And remember the Purple Statice image from earlier this week?  Here is the original - on this image I put a piece of poster paper over the lace table cloth, tho' I think the lace might have looked pretty under the vase, too...

I really need to figure out why there is so much blue on these white boards - perhaps next week when there is more time!