Friday, February 17, 2012

Rustic Guitar - finished...

Rustic Guitar
Thought I would share the finished piece from last week!  It was another large one - 20" x 24"....very fun and satisfying.  The varnish WAS still drying - technically - on its way to the charity event.  My sweet tweener was so cute...she was so excited at the two art pieces' performance in the silent auction.  She would give me repeated reports on the bidding wars...they each found a new home that night...can't wait to get prints available!

I spent a lot of the week working on a photo "storyboard" for the Beyond Layers class - a Valentine for my husband...I finally finished last night (he says he didn't mind the wait because he LOVES it!)...

The husband's Valentine hubby is the one the horse is kissing...the other gentleman is his good friend and cutting horse champion.