Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Blues...

Yes, it is time for bluebonnets, but the crop isn't quite this full yet...these pictures are from 2005 (for the most part); the image of now sweet tweener {with pup}is from 2009, and the bluebonnet in the middle of the right column is this year's first bloom on our property...

The photo of sweet tweener was taken from a random roadside - in April, a person living in Texas is used to seeing motorists stopped along the shoulder of the road, with family members knee deep in bluebonnets and smaller ones almost covered over when they sit down - taking the opportunity for a photo shoot!  The other photos were taken on our little homestead - in years when we have a wet spring, like this year, there is about an acre of land covered in a carpet of blue!  It is a stunning display...we don't mow there till mid June when the seed pods have spread their delicious joy for the coming year!

Do you see the road runner?  He and his family live in the more brushy part of our property.
Yep, we live in the heart of Texas!