Friday, March 2, 2012

Planting seeds of a prayer garden + Being a Winner

Remember Jennifer's 'Grace Tags' give away?  I was/am the blessed winner!  I want to show off the design I received in the mail this week:

I had to get the angel wing...I thought my sweet tweener, Angel, would love it...but she told me it looks better on me and is letting me keep it..."yes"!
...and I want to recommend Janelle highly to anyone wanting to gift or wear Christian jewelry...I can attest first hand that you will get great customer service.  Let me tell you why - 

Two weeks ago, I contacted Janelle to see if by chance the business was swamped because I hadn't received the anticipated treat...and I was worried because some packages had gone missing in our turned out that indeed, my package had gone missing, yet Janelle said she would get another one out to me, and when I offered to pay shipping for the replacement she just said "no - these things happen," with a smile in her words.  So the replacement came this week and I have been happily wearing it!  Visit Grace Tags by clicking here.

Thanks Janelle and thanks Jennifer for hosting the give-away! 

And just a little peek at another little brainstorm - a desktop prayer garden!  I had these stones lying out on the kitchen counter, trying to pick out the flattest ones, and my husband got in the "flow" after seeing my little word (joy) - I experimented with different pens and inks, and I think a sharpie paint marker works the just fine!  The one thing I haven't tried yet is simply acrylic paint with a small liner brush...

These will go into a little tray filled with either salt or sand - sweet tweener wants to have a Japanese themed birthday this year as she is smitten with manga right now - and we studied feudal Japan right up to the 19th century in history at the first of this semester...looking for an alternative to a Zen Garden, the Lord just said, "Make it a prayer garden - and a connection with Peace as a Person"... I am sure I will be posting progress and instructions soon - but you could make one yourself before then...I am sure He will show you how!

What words would you place in a prayer garden?

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