Monday, May 28, 2012

We Are Like Eggs - {inspired quote}

My "Monday" inspiring quote for this week's "A Week of Inspired Quotes" assignment in Beyond Layers.  Today's word prompt is Life.  I immediately thought of this page I made for a journal I am preparing for the shop -

In life, we often want to remain in our comfort zones, our "egg" so to speak.  But just as a bird must hatch in order to eventually fly, so we too must get out of the comfort zone in order to stretch, to be strengthened, to find new skills, abilities, relationships or ? that will allow us to go further than we could even think or imagine!

The alternative to not hatching?  As C.S. Lewis puts it, we "go bad" - this doesn't mean we become unredeemable, but that we stagnate...

To hatch, we have to break forth from inside the egg - it has to be our effort...yet a voice from without can call us, encourage us, lead us into
breaking out into life!