Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{Now Me} + Texture Tuesday {Little Things Edition}

Assignment for Beyond Layers - a self-portrait
{several - so you know me just a little!}

Taken with my little point and shoots video feature, then freeze framed so things are a little blurry - but it was enough to get something!

I liked it in black and white more...and this is the one I use for my bio on the website ☺.

But I do like the idea of doing a "portrait" of me and my days - an autobiography in photos...I just need more time each day!

The mixed media piece below is really a self-portrait and a portion of it is what I use in most online places when I do put in an image...still being a little careful with putting a face "out there" that others might use in ways I don't want my face used!

I'm also playing with the Texture Tuesday bunch...this image is just an apple on our kitchen island (Gala variety - so sweet and I love them!) with two layers of "little things" - one set to darken and one to multiply in blend modes, with the texture brushed off the apple just a little and from behind the words a little.

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