Monday, April 30, 2012

1000 gifts and then some...+ subway art

8 x 10 size - available in the shop as a digital download or a print

A Weekend of Contemplating...

I had time this weekend to sort through old files - and found the above quote saved...I remember placing it on a Christmas type photo at Christmas time; the quote was found on a blog encouraging us to focus on the truly important things at Christmas time, as opposed to the "perfect" Christmas...

But I found myself considering - the way we approach Christmas probably isn't different than the way we approach the rest of our lives...perhaps it is just illuminated at Christmas, the intensity of the season causing what is already within to be squeezed to the top of consciousness, where we cannot ignore it...

And being the birthday weekend, and seeing how sweet tweener is growing, I am so aware of how quickly time can pass - I want to grasp each and every moment - to savor these days like one savors the perfect cup of stop, look, listen - and record with images and words each gift....

So - I thought the quote was perfect for every day - and used this sweet gift of time to make subway art (which I love - a great modern way to capture words!) from the found Christmas quote - art for all year - art to remind me to choose the better path...

Pausing and giving thanks for these things:

the wonderfully restful weekend we had
sweet birthday for sweet tweener
husband spending most of Friday mowing and trimming and getting the acres of yard just beautiful
volunteer time on Saturday - celebrating birthday with volunteer friends
time to sort through old files - and organized on computer as well as papers
the life of sweet tweener!
rhythm of seasons and life
birthday cake
opportunities to grow
being "in Him, in whom we live and breathe and have our being..."