Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Tool - 4...{Finding Sanctuary}

Download this worksheet to use with today's step here...

 The following is a simple exploration, yet time consuming.  Consider spreading out the exercise for each "main branch idea", doing one a day over the next three days...

4.  Back to the first 3 main branch ideas that you highlighted.

     a.  Look up the word (or main word of a phrase) in the dictionary and write down the
          definition(s).  Deeper work:  If you like using Biblical lexicons, try looking the word up in a
           lexicon to find definitions that may not be included in a regular language dictionary.
     b.  What are the antonyms? Write them down.
     c.  What are the synonyms? Write them down.
     d.  What are some of the Bible verses that speak about this word/idea?  Write them down as well.
     e.  Walk away for a time, and let your mind and spirit work.  Give the Lord time to speak deep into
          your heart.  There may not be words yet...but if there are, or phrases or ideas, jot them down
          (think a "list" type format) and keep them handy for the reflection stage (coming on

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