Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vintage Thoughts on Love by Jack Hayford...{another chalkboard image}

Pastor Jack Hayford has long been a favorite teacher and author for me...while sifting through a stack of old "great articles to save", I found the following - just in time for Valentine's Day...

If you are having trouble reading the chalk lettering, the words are as follows:

Love is for moments when…

...people will test your patience - love is patient.
...people will need a friend, a hand - love is kind.
...people will excel your best or equal you - love is without envy.
...people will be unaware of your attainment - love is no braggart.
...i'm tempted to believe I'm an exception - love is not self-important.
...i'm inclined to discourtesy, impropriety - love is gracious.
...i'm too quick to contend for my rights - love is unselfish.
...i start to react irritably - love is slow to be provoked.
...i find myself "counting up" failures - love is without a record.
...some find delight in evil - love delights in the truth.
...we discover failures in others - love will always seek to cover these.
...someone needs a second chance - love will always risk to trust.
...disappointment or despair blight circumstances - love remains ever hopeful.
...trials shake those around you - love stands steadfast, dependable.

Jesus said, "This is My command: Love one another."
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