Monday, March 18, 2013

Take the First Step (and Red Reflections)...{Finding Sanctuary - Part 17}

I am still in love with birds and all things pertaining to them...totally the Lord's fault!  After all, I am being obedient to His encouragement to "look at the birds of the air..." (Matthew 6:26).

I know one thing that draws me to these sweet creatures is their constant song, no matter what the environment is doing...their joy greets me in the mornings, especially in spring - and now there is a nest of newly hatched babies that loudly await their breakfast outside our den windows.  They are too high to see, but we can certainly hear!

Now, you have spent your time with God, you have had time to hear His thoughts on "next steps" today's instruction is simply: Take one!  Take one of the items, it can be the first or it can be taken from the midst - the point is to s.t.a.r.t.  Inertia is a powerful force, keeping us stuck in old habits.  Simple take a step.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I used to have a friend who would say "Get the Nike anointing - just do it!"  Trust Him to walk with you and help guide you, but you must take the step!  Find one that you can do today - now! - and walk in that Nike anointing!

Now on to share my journaling about what was labeled with the red color...

Red.  Anger: a normal human emotion.  It can be expressed healthily or unhealthy expressions, it is carnal and a reflection that I am acting in my own strength, not waiting on God to work or even trusting that He will.

My anger is a "flash" kind - for the most poart I am not an angry person.  When it flashes I feel childish - it feels like the unhealthy anger I was exposed to in childhood so that is where the "learned behavior" comes from.  It also erupts when I feel the fate of  {whatever the issue is} is all upon my shoulders alone - this is where the word "isolation" came in.  When I feel this way, anger is my "go to"- "Just do it my way" is what my anger says to the one I am angry at - "Can't you see how `right' I am?" - the thought comes from a sincere and thoughtful place, genuine concern for the other, but oh!!!  When I wrote this I "see" such pride!!!

The opposite of this anger would be "peace" and even "rest"...and "trust"... 

I don't think I ever slowed down to "hear" my own thoughts before...the feeling of concern, the responsibility of parenthood is the root...of this area at least...I am feeling alone, separate from God, like He is waiting to see how I am going to handle the issue, not that He wanted to handle it with deep, these roots of self-reliance.  I know we each must find these areas and lay them on the altar of sacrifice...and I am grateful this is happening...I have been saved since age 13, and there is still so much sanctification!  But what is good, even the best, about these explorations is the increased intimacy with the Lord that results! 

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