Monday, March 4, 2013

Using the Mind Map Exploration to Build a Personal Art Piece...{Finding Sanctuary 10}

This personal art piece is designed for anyone to complete - without complicated technique and with supplies probably already in your home (or easily gotten at the dollar store...)

Now, you can adapt these instructions to a personal art form, use your paints or fabrics or clay (that would take some thought!), but I am keeping these really basic...

We will be making a paper (or cloth or ???) weaving using the words and study that you have been doing with your mind map...but we will be copying your work, because we are going to deconstruct this paper eventually...

For today, copy your reflection(s) onto a white piece of paper.  Standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch copy paper or even notebook paper will work fine...if new insights continue to come during the copying process, be sure to record the new insights with your permanent mind-map journaling so that you can return to these thoughts in the future...that's it!  Sort of a "free" day that will also allow you to "catch-up" if needed!

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