Friday, March 29, 2013

The Exchange (more chalkboard art)...{Finding Sanctuary - Part 21}

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The Cross of Christ is the inexhaustible exchange of Calvary.

All the evil that was due us was put               So that all the good due Jesus could be
was put on Jesus                                                given to us.

He was punished for our sins                          So that we could be forgiven.

He was wounded                                                 So that we could be healed.

He was made sin with our                                So that we could be made righteous

He died our death                                              So that we could have eternal life.

He became a curse for us                                  So that we could have the blessing that
                                                                               was due Him.

He became poor with our poverty                     So that we could be made rich
with His riches.

He endured our shame                                       So that we could receive His Glory.
He endured our rejection                                   So that we don't have to be rejected
                                                                                       anymore.  We are accepted the way
                                                                                       Jesus was accepted, as God's children. 

The rest of this post is part of the Finding Sanctuary series - read on if you are following!
Today is the final (almost) installment of the Finding Sanctuary final activity to "seal" the work you and the Holy Spirit have been doing!  But first, a short recap...
We have been traveling a road of dealing with issues, the stuff that makes life less abundant than God ever wanted for now, you and myself have been walking a new path for a couple of weeks, there have been times when we have stumbled and fallen...but we have gotten back up...

To be honest, I haven't added more to my original weaving piece, but I will {and I will show it to you!} know how life sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans...but, I needed to spend the energy on actually making the inner heart changes...{smiling} plus getting ready for our Passover/Resurrection celebrations and our church has started lay counselor training - of which I am a part of (of course)... and the tree with roots art piece will definitely come forth after Sunday's celebration - it dovetails perfectly in the course material at church!

But, the final activity has always been:  a touchpoint of some sort...

What do I mean?  To me, a touchpoint is something tangible, small, 
an act, 
an exchange, 
and a promise

that anchors this point in time to your life...

You can see the item, remember the act, lay hold of the long as you want!  And today is a perfect day - as we contemplate the cross of Jesus and all that was accomplished there.  And my touchpoints always involve taking an object that represents my issue to the cross and nailing it there {the act} - either figuratively or even sometimes literally, i.e., nailing a piece of paper on which is written the issue to a piece of wood.  But just as we never need to leave the cross empty in our hearts or empty handed, there is an exchange Jesus wants to do, so with this act, we want to "take something with us" after we have left the issue {the item} - something that reminds us of the exchange, something tangible...and then always. always. always. a promise from Scripture {the promise}...

Some ideas:
 The item representing the issue                      The item representing the exchange          The promise  
       a stone or small rock                                       a paper heart (a "new" heart)                      Any
       a twig - break it to represent the                     a silk leaf or a leaf that can be                   that
                   breaking of the power of                          preserved to represent                           the
                   the habit over you                                     "new life"                                                   Lord
     a piece of dark cloth - representing                  a piece of white cloth -                                   a
                the sin brought by this issue                       representing the righteousness              friend
                in your life                                                  of Jesus you are walking in                          has
   a piece of black construction paper -                  a silk flower, or flower that can           you
            to represent a wound or trauma                      be preserved that represents             that
            that was the root of this issue...                      your heart healing in this area          brings
You can get the picture!                                                                                                                comfort

For me, today, making this chalkboard image is my touchpoint....the butteflies can mean our sin being removed; or new life emerging in all the areas that we have dealt with...or both!

Now, the Lord has also impressed on me that since it takes 60+ days to form a new habit, that we need to keep up the effort...and the timing is perfect to move from the "Feast of Firstfruits" on Sunday to "Feast of Weeks" on Pentecost!  So, I will post every Monday during these coming weeks - encouragement and thoughts to see you through...

Blessings on your Holy Weekend...

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