Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sharing my work...{Finding Sanctuary - Part 14}

Mustard seed, blue-bird feathers, 3 little egg-like stones in a nest (representing the Trinity)...
(Texture Tuesday folks, the rest of this post is about an healing through art series, so you can read on or stop - just thought I would let you know!)

  Remember - Today is your day to spend an hour with God - share in the comments if you are so led!
As promised, here is a look at my own notes from the mind-map exercises.  Today I am simply sharing the "listing of the color connections"...
damaging - other's emotions (like what happened to me as a child)
need a new "go to"
fear resulting in:  a) acting out of own strength; b) acting unfaithful; c) a poor witness to my family
my "go to"
acting out of own strength*
learned behavior
there is no fear in love
fear of punishment
fear of unknown
make a plan
*need to find the line: a) discernment vs. fear; b) fear of God vs. carnal fear
Embrace Imperfection 
James verse (man's anger doesn't achieve God's righteousness)
Healthy, yet healing
feels immature
rooted - in childhood
there is no fear in love
fear of punishment
righteous vs. unrighteous   
No Color:
How can resolving this glorify God and help bring healing to others?
no peace
being childish or being childlike  
After writing all this down, I did have more insight.  Here is what I wrote:
a)  I can see a juxtapositioning as I record these: 1) mature vs. immature; 2) righteous vs. unrighteous; 3) fear of god vs. carnal fear.
b) Also the idea of roots
c) I am thinking of what Peter says about Sarah - how she didn't act in fear (look up that passage).
d) Rooted - what am I rooted in; what do I need to be rooted in?...I believe I am rooted in the Word, yet here is an area that is not quite yet (I began to get an image in my mind - a vision - of what my personal root system looks like)...scriptures about roots: Ephesians 3 passage; Psalm 1 rooted and growing; bitter roots (Ephesians 4 verse); rooted and built up (Col. 2:7)...I am beginning to see why I have pinned so many images of trees and sketch all different styles of them!!!  I looked up more passages about "roots" - Hosea 14:5 (wow!); Proverbs 12:12; Jeremiah 12:2; Isaiah 27:6; Isaiah 37:31; Romans 11:16; Romans 11:18; Romans 15:1-14 (You are so good to me Lord...); Matthew 13:3-9; (Rev. 22:16)...
So, there is a taste of the process for me...oh, this whole idea of roots has a big mixed media piece rolling inside of me!!!  Will it be done by Easter?  Perhaps, but this piece will truly be part of His working it out in me...so I do not know...

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Hi Cindy, your photo is beautifully composed, the colors and the symbolism, which you elaborate in your text. God is the best Councelor, He is revealing the things in the pace we're ready to work with. Thank you for sharing & encouraging, Nina